How do you generally proceed when you plan to sell your registered car? Obtaining notice of disposal procedures for selling and transferring a registered car will now be simple. You may be searching for application procedures in preparation for the removal of your car. Everyone benefits from assistance and direction provided by Car removal services. The new one’s transport must be submitted either online or at other service centres.

Notice of Disposal Sydney

Each person’s demands should be considered when submitting the notice of disposal. Applications may also be filed for new license plates, a new registration plate for the car, information on the photo card, the date of sale, the vehicle’s sale price, or its market worth. Applications must meet several requirements, and the application must be submitted after considering these.
notice of disposal

What is a Notice of Disposal and its Purpose?

When you sell or otherwise get rid of a vehicle registered in Sydney, New South Wales, such as a car, motorcycle, or trailer, you must file a “Notice of Disposal” (NOD). A NOD notifies Transport for NSW that you are no longer the vehicle’s registered owner.
As soon as you sell the car, you need to submit a NOD, so:
  • You are not liable for any fines or infractions the customer may receive from parking or driving.
  • Within 14 days, the buyer can transfer the vehicle’s registration (rego) online to avoid paying a late fee.

Legal requirements for submitting a NOD in Sydney.


Unless any of the following hold true, you can submit a NOD online:
  • Your car registration is conditional; you do not possess a NSW driver’s license or photo card.
  • You are getting rid of the car on behalf of a business or organization.
  • The buyer has an interstate driver’s license and resides in an interstate location.
  • The buyer is an interstate auto dealer without a license number issued by the state of New South Wales.
  • If online submission is not possible, you must send or submit a paper form to a Service NSW Center.

What you need Notice of Disposal?

  • Details about the car’s NSW registration
  • Details from your NSW photo card or driver’s license
  • The buyer’s driver’s license
  • The registered company name and license number of the NSW motor dealer (if you sold a vehicle to a dealership)
  • The date of sale (often referred to as the disposal date)
  • The vehicle’s sale price or market value, whichever is higher.
  • An account with MyServiceNSW (optional).

How to submit NOD?

  • Verify the eligibility prerequisites.
  • Click the ‘Submit online’ button.
  • To submit your NOD online, follow the instructions.
  • Either print or email your receipt to the specified address.
  • Should you be unable to submit a NOD electronically:
  • Please fill out the Notice of Disposal form (PDF) after downloading it.
  • Send your NOD by mail to or in person at a service centre on below address.
Address: Service NSW, PO Box 21 Parkes NSW 2870.

More information

  • A car’s rego certificate has a printed copy of the NOD on the reverse. It is marked “Notice of Disposal, Part A.”
  • For your records, maintain a physical or digital copy of the NOD.
  • Once you’ve sent in your NOD, the buyer can only transfer the registration online.
  • To avoid being responsible for the buyer’s tolls, contact your toll provider to remove the registration information from your account if you have an e-toll or pass account.
  • To update your coverage, contact your insurance company if you have comprehensive insurance.
  • If you possess a customized or Special Number Plate (SNP), ensure the purchaser is informed about recurring charges. You can reserve your special plates and swap them out for a set of regular number plates if you’d like to preserve your special ones. They can also be traded for a different car registered in your name. After being taken out of the vehicle, plates must be returned to a service centre.

If you sold your vehicle to wreckers or cash for cars company like us:

  • You don’t need to file a Notice of Disposal if there are no number plates. You must return the plates to a service centre and cancel the registration.
  • You must file a Notice of Disposal with number plates (the sale price is the amount you were paid for the vehicle’s pieces).
  • You do not need to file a Notice of Disposal if your car has been written off. It will be necessary for you to cancel your registration and request a refund (if any).

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Things to Do Before Selling a Car in Sydney

Does your car need to be sold in Sydney? If so, before you complete the sale, there are a few things you should be aware of. We outline some of the most crucial considerations when selling your car in Sydney. You can guarantee that the procedure proceeds smoothly by knowing what to anticipate. Now, without further ado, let’s begin!

Before you sell

Make sure your car is in the finest possible shape. Clean it, take out the trash, and consider having it expertly detailed.
  • Make the best possible pictures. Take pictures of everything, including any damage, and think about including a ruler in the image for any damage that is hard to measure (such as a minor scratch).
  •  Acknowledge the value of your vehicle.

Once you’ve sold

  • A valid driver’s license from NSW is a requirement. The buyer must give you a copy of their license as well.
  • Within 14 days of selling the vehicle, you must notify Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). To accomplish this, fill out an online Notice of Disposal (trust us, it’s a lot simpler than it seems!).
  • The buyer needs a legitimate proof of purchase, like an invoice or receipt.
  • To tell your provider (most drivers utilize Linkt), remove your eTag if you have one.
  • You must inform your insurance provider that you have sold the car and terminate your policy. For any unused coverage, most insurance companies will provide you with a refund.
  • All unpaid tolls and fines are your responsibility.


In this blog, we Briefly explained what a Notice of Disposal is and its purpose,  highlight its importance in deregistering and selling a vehicle in Australia and provide details about the legal requirements for submitting a NOD in Sydney. We also explain Things to Do Before Selling a Car in Sydney. Furthermore, if you want to sell your car in Sydney, then contact All Unwanted Cars, where you earn $9,999 for your useless car.