Maddison Hawkins

Maddison Hawkins

Web Content Writer & Experienced Professional in Automotive Industry

We welcome you to the world of car removal through the eyes of our specialised and distinguished writer and author of our informative page ‘Maddison Hawkins’.


Maddison Hawkins is an automotive enthusiast with 17 years of experience in the industry. Through her remarkable writing skills, she has innovated and fuelled automotive websites with compelling information and practical content. 

With a profound knowledge of vehicles, she began writing for automobiles at a young age. From covering various blogs for magazines to writing for multiple platforms, her skills grew to function better at every piece she wrote. 

With the arrival of the digital era, she commenced writing for multiple digital media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even YouTube. Her blog posts and articles represent facts about automobiles, current car trends, car-selling options and all other aspects that can accommodate vehicle information. 

Educational & Career Background

Maddison Hawkins is an English Literature graduate from Macquarie University. Her deep interest in writing made her pursue this field and polish her skills to improve. While at the university, she was involved with multiple automobile companies for internships. These programs made her stay engaged with passion throughout her career. After obtaining her degree, she began supporting car removal and disposal services by offering quality website content. 

Exemplary Track Record 

  • 12+ years navigating the dynamic automotive landscape.
  • Senior Operations Director at All Unwanted Cars, Sydney.
  • Spearheaded strategic optimization initiatives, boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Proficient in analysing data, streamlining workflows, and leading teams.
  • Web Author and Content Writer, creating engaging, SEO-optimised content.

Engagement With AllUnwantedCars 

She is not only a well-versed writer in the technicalities of car removal but also deeply committed to simplifying the process for our readers. The content and articles crafted by her offer practical insights and step-by-step guidance to help users make informed decisions when parting ways with their vehicles. 

She has been part of our highly innovative and skilled team for about 6 years. With her engaging content writing, she delivers compelling content but ensures that readers understand our car removal procedures and the work structure.

What You Can Expect From Her Content?

  • Authoritative, research-backed content about car valuation, negotiation tips, market trends, and more.
  • Practical guides and actionable strategies to maximise your car’s selling price.
  • Honest insights and transparent advice to demystify the car-selling process.
  • Engaging storytelling that makes learning about car selling a breeze.

Contact Details

Reach out to her through the details below to highlight her incredible work and learn more about the empowered content manuals she has created for different car removal services.